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a breakthrough solution

100% natural 100% ecofriendly antibacterial
and odor eliminator

a p500.00/ltr of concentrate will give you 50 ltrs of ready-to-use solution

a concentrate fully derived from plants
and natural sources

independent laboratory tests certify its anti- bacterial attributes that kill 99.99% of the most common germs

proper care for your pets means effective
sanitizing that is vital to caring and protecting
your pets from carrying and spreading any
illness among themselves

shampoo or soaps and water for your pets
are not enough

the diluted solution is harmless to humans and animals but fatal to harmful bacteria

application instruction for pets:

- spray on pet feces to disinfect and eliminate odor. sprayed feces will decompose and can be used as soil conditioner.

- spray on dog cages. do not spray while pet is in the cage. let it dry before allowing pets to go back into the cage.
- add milagro concentrate equivalent to one teaspoon (5ml) or two teaspoons (10ml) per one liter (1,000ml) of water volume to be used for rinsing after shampooing your pets to remove odor and repel fleas

to order and inquiries:
call carmita at 624 0132 0r 09178121930


Posted: December 01 2011  Updated: December 01 2011

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