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Electus,Amazon,Hyacith,Cockatoos,African Grey

we specialize in eclectus, conures, african greys, blue quakers, macaws, caiques, and incubators and parrots eggs for sale
take great pride in bringing up healthy, happy and well adjusted baby parrots. if you are interested in any of my wholesale or retail parrots for sale, please do not hesitate to contact me for availability.
i do take orders.
our aviaries specializes in exotic bird breeding for: african grey parrots for sale, eclectus parrots for sale , quaker parrots, conure parrots, macaw parrots, caique parrots, cockatiels for sale, and much more! our aviaries thrives on hand raising baby parrots. we are one of the best african grey,macaw parrot breeders and hawk headed parrot breeders. each baby is given all the love and attention needed to become stable adult parrots, therefore making great pets. our aviaries is a business licensed operting under the auspices of the law. we can also tend down offers from buyers.we issue all our clients more evidence of trust and reliability
parrot cages can be ordered as requested.
bird food, parrot seed mix and zupreem pellets, kaytee and zupreem hand feeding formulas.
bird toys and play structures can be ordered.


Posted: May 04 2015  Updated: May 04 2015

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