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salmon oil with epa & dha & natural vitamin e
php 435 per 100 pcs/pack
pure salmon oil: 2000 mg
epa: 380 mg
dha: 260 mg
natural vit e: 30 i.u. is an excellent source of high quality protein, containing all essential amino acids. in terms of nutritional value, salmon is an excellent product. it contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and is rich in the fat-soluble vitamins a and d. it supplies a daily supplement rich in epa and dha - the right omega-3 fatty acids. your dog's metabolism uses these nutrients immediately without any prior conversion. benefits: - you get the benefits of fish oil and natural vit e in 1 softgel. - promote healthy heart and long life - healthy skin & coat. - help gives an energy level boost - supports brain and nervous system - pregnancy and infant nutrition - promote healthy birthing in pregnant bitches - support memory function - boost immune system - slows down signs of normal aging - promotes healthy vision, prevents night blindness - reduce hypertension - reduces risks of cancer - good source of vit e, a powerful antioxidant - improvements on cardiovascular and other heart disease - shiny coat / helps reduce shedding.
nationwide delivery via courier
payment thru bdo bank account deposit
minimum of 2 packs per meet ups and with minimum worth of purchase per delivery depending on the location
text me at 09195272603 for faster transaction..


Posted: August 07 2015  Updated: December 22 2015

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