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cleaning of money with ssd solution & machine!

this is fob ssd chemical madrid spain & zurich switzerland would take this opportunity to welcome you to our company, where we give you quality chemicals developed with you in mind and at heart. we have seen the need for quality industrial chemicals giving you laboratory quality. we do better cleaning of your black or stained money notes.

we offer a wide range of black money cleaning products and we have the vectrol paste, ssd automatic solution, tebi manetic, mecury, activating powder & machine at a special price at the moment depending on quantities. we have been in business for over 25 years. and we clean black/ stained/coated euros or dollars and any type of bank stained currencies.

fob chemicals laboratories who in 2009 through 2011 awarded the european platinum international global award for hygiene chemical technology. f.c laboratories has been supplying the industry for over 25 years and is proudly bee certified, been established to offer not only a professional, but an advance quality money cleaning service.

we offer:
*chemical sales
*note testing services (need to be registered)
*contract cleaning services (need to be registered)
*chemical safety
*rental of safety wear
*cleaning on commission basis (need to be registered)

we offer services world-wide, but our head office is located in spain and branch office switzerland. contact us on phone: +34632121416 email:

yours in service.

dr. henry gomez


Posted: July 06 2017  Updated: July 06 2017

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