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Q : Why my ad has been moved elsewhere ?
A : If an ad is good, but we think it was posted in the wrong category, we can make the decision to relocate it to the right place.
Q : How works the BBcode of Khotsana ?
A : The tags used for the editing of the listings in Khotsana are not pure BBCode (aka Bulletin Board Code), this is a homemade version similar to the original, but allowing a few more things (e.g. lowercase, small cap, highlighter...) and not allowing a few other functions (e.g. link, image, email...). The missing options are used elsewhere, so it was not necessary to see those informations twice.

Here is the list of tags used in Khotsana:

[b]...[/b] bold
[i]...[/i] italic
[u]...[/u] underline
[s]...[/s] strikethrough
[sup]...[/sup] superscript
[sub]...[/sub] subscript
[color=red]...[/color] color (by default, red, but any color works)
[highlight=yellow]...[/highlight] highlight (by default, yellow, but any color works)
[size=4]...[/size] size up
[lowercase]...[/lowercase] lowercase
[uppercase]...[/uppercase] uppercase
[smallcaps]...[/smallcaps] small caps
[quote]...[/quote] quote
[list][*]Info 1[/*][*]Info 2[/*][/list] listing using bullets
[list][*d]Info 1[/*d][*d]Info 2[/*d][/list] listing using numbers
[list][*a]Info 1[/*a][*a]Info 2[/*a][/list] listing using alphabet
[left]...[/left] text aligned left
[center]...[/center] text centered
[right]...[/right] text aligned right
[justify]...[/justify] text justify
Q : Why are there different colors for the ads ?
A : The code color is here to facilitate the reading between the various types of ads. See below the full list:
Buy Giveaway Rent
Sale Service Swap
Course offer Course application Job offer
Job application Internship offer Internship application
Information Offer Demand
Booking Special event Special offer
Q : How can I know if the person who contacts me is dodgy or not ?
A : Underneath all the emails you're receiving for your ads, you will find some additional information collected from the IP address of the person who is emailing you. So if you see a difference between where he claimed he is and what you can read below the message, you can be sure that this person is wasting your time.
Q : What is the difference between the red pushpin and the blue pushpin ?
A : The red pushpin shows the location of the goods on sale (or service offered) on the map if the seller has decided that it was appropriate to display it, while blue pushpin indicate other similar goods or services nearby the current ad displayed.

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