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Curbed Atlanta

Downtown's Medical Arts Building, long an eyesore, slated for overhaul into offices
Curbed Atlanta
The owners of the Medical Arts Building have revealed their intentions to transform the long-abandoned and heavily dilapidated 1920s high-rise on the cusp of The Connector into a spiffed-up office tower. Global X, which took control of the building ...

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VietNamNet Bridge

Cambodia's Minister of Cults and Religion Him Chhe visits Long An
VietNamNet Bridge
Le Tan Dung, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Long An noted that close connection between the Mekong Delta province and Cambodia's localities has helped improve the living standards of the two countries' residents living in border areas, ...

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Huffington Post India

This Is How Long An 'Ideal' First Kiss Should Last
Huffington Post India
The first kiss. It can be magical or nightmarish. Too short to give the other person a good idea of how you feel? So long that things become irredeemably weird? How long is enough? And how little is too little? The questions that plague the first few ...

Remembering Jim Long, an icon of the Tri-County Baseball League
The trouble was, he overlooked the name that should have been at the top of the list - Jim Long. Yes, it would be hard to find a more worthy award recipient than Big Jim himself. Heck, this guy devoted more than 40 years to a league he loved. As a ...

Toronto Star

Movie Review: Like the Films of Terrence Malick, Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk Is Both Epic and Meditative
The Independent Weekly
In its optimal format—Nolan, long an IMAX advocate, shot most of the film using 70mm IMAX cameras—Dunkirk is a sensory fantasia, part paean and part requiem. It's a marriage of sight, sound, and scope that envelops the viewer with an ultra-earnest ...
Christopher Nolan on his long crossing to Dunkirk: Howell Toronto Star

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Houston Chronicle

Angel investing isn't for the faint of heart
Houston Chronicle
The Angel Resource Institute also helps set our expectations for the third question, which is about how long an angel investment will tie up our capital. They report an average holding period - the time between investment and "liquidity event" - of 41 ...

Washington Post

Vick/Kaepernick 'hair' issue sends Chris Long on a tweetstorm of strong opinions
Washington Post
Michael Vick caused plenty of headlines by suggesting on Fox Sports 1 that Colin Kaepernick should get a haircut. He also caused Eagles defensive end Chris Long to embark on a multiday tweetstorm, one in which the 10th-year NFL veteran argued ...
pic. twitter. com/YENvUPOIgP -
Michael Vick “truly sorry for what I said” about Colin Kaepernick | ProFootballTalk - ProFootballTalk - NBC Sports ProFootballTalk - NBC Sports

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National Geographic

Human Arrival In Australia Pushed Back 18000 Years
National Geographic
We've long known that modern humans, or Homo sapiens, existed in Africa as far back as 200,000 years ago. Early humans in Australia were once thought to have arrived 47,000 years ago, signaling one of the later stops in the journey of human migration ...
An Aboriginal Australian Genome Reveals Separate Human Dispersals into Asia | Science Science

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Even before an insurance agent joins, LIC will know how long he will stay
B Venugopal, Managing Director, LIC said: “We are working on this system and the technology will be able to identify as to how long an agent is expected to stay with the company. While we are yet to implement it, this will be helpful in determining the ...

Dallas News

Senate committee passes abortion bill targeting Planned Parenthood
Dallas News
"The Republicans here keep trying to make it more and more difficult to get a safe, legal abortion in Texas," said Maryann Long, an Austin nurse midwife who testified against the abortion bills Friday. "We've been fighting this fight for decades, and I ...

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